Westmill Solar becomes the first co-operative member of The Climate Coalition

Membership of The Climate Coalition is open to national and international non-profit organisations based in the UK concerned with tackling climate change.

Westmill Solar would like to support TCC in its aim of achieving 100% clean energy in the UK and we’re pleased to report that TCC has welcomed us as its first cooperative member.

As part of a larger coalition, we hope that the inspirational message of Westmill Solar can be shared with a wider audience, helping others to take action.

The Climate Coalition: Speak Up week of action 8th – 16th October

Next month, from 8–16 October, members of The Climate Coalition will call on the new Government to show its commitment to tackling climate change by ratifying the Paris climate agreement and delivering an ambitious low carbon investment plan.

If you want to be involved in the Speak Up Week of Action, why not write to your MP about why you’re involved in Westmill, and how important it is for you to see community renewable energy thriving?

If you’d like to, there’s a template below, but please do write in your own words if you prefer—personal letters really can make a difference.

Get involved, write to your MP template letter

Dear (my MP)

As a member of Westmill Solar Cooperative, I am writing to ask you to encourage the Government to ratify the Paris climate agreement and to back it up with a really strong low-carbon investment plan.

At Westmill, we are really proud of the way we are generating clean energy in a way that involves so many people from the local community. Of course, our project could only take place thanks to a strong policy framework. Following subsidy and tax changes, we hope the Government take action to ensure that other communities can also benefit from local, green energy.

I would be very grateful if you would write to Mr Clark to express your constituents’ support for a strong decarbonisation plan from top to bottom: ratifying the international deal and enabling communities like ours to play a part, with a great planning and payments package for community energy.

Yours sincerely

Westmill Member

If you do write to your MP, please do let us know! Feel free to email Richard.Benwell@wwt.org.uk if you’d like to talk it over or discuss how else you can get involved.

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