Can you help a community building “go green”?

Do you know of a community building (such as a village hall, youth club, community centre, school, church or other faith building) that could reduce its energy, water and waste?  Westmill Solar is offering FREE energy audits, worth £630, to community buildings in Oxfordshire or within a 25-mile radius of the Westmill Site.

Audits are carried out by EiE (the Environmental Information Exchange), a not-for-profit organisation based at Oxford Brookes University that supports organisations to reduce their energy, water and waste. The assessment considers actions to reduce energy use and create repeated savings for an organisation. Many are at no or low cost and are easy to implement. Audit recommendations are presented with estimated installation costs, financial savings and pay-back-periods, so they can prioritise which measures they want to fund. A range of actions may be recommended, including:

• Insulation and draught proofing
• Efficient boilers and heaters
• LED lighting
• Powering down appliances
• Staff behavioural change
• Battery storage.

Improved energy efficiency can result in reduced energy bills, reduced core overhead costs, and reduced impact on the environment for organisations. An energy audit can also deliver other great benefits – from better lighting to improved comfort for staff, visitors or volunteers as a result of a warm and draught free building.

Westmill Solar members and partners can nominate a community building by completing this simple form here and emailing it to

If you have any questions about the form or the energy audits then please email us at

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